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Mandy Whore Online
Mandy's Bio

On April 10th, 1984 Amanda Leigh Moore was born in a bush. Her mother, her mother's 4 boyfriends, Mandy's two brothers, and her father had just been kicked out of their trailor because they were too noisy. Mandy's mom couldn't afford a hospital bill so she had to give natural birth.

Mandy's mom robbed the local Dairy Mart the next week and got $100. Her mom bought Mandy 2 outfits at the local Goodwill and bought some groceries for the bush. Mandy's mom was currently employed as a full time $15 prostitute.

A week later Mandy's mother bought a trailor for $75. Mandy's mother, father and her two brothers moved in. They lived there for 12 years. Then one day the walls of the trailor fell in and they were forced to find a new home.

Mandy's mother was getting to tired to work so she had to teach Mandy the skills of being a whore. Mandy's mom showed her the basics. How to get people to notice you by wearing clothes that don't match and by giving dirty comments to people. Mandy already had that down to a science so she was ready for the streets. Mandy prosistuted for 3 years. Then one day she was on her usual corner, when a man drove up offering not $15, not $20 but $35!! She automatically took the offer. She slept with him.

After she slept with him he asked her if she could sing. She said no but he said, "Let me hear you at least try!"
Mandy sang...well actually she grunted and screamed but she tried. The man slapped her in the face and said, "My god! That is worse than the other 6 whores I was just with! Well you're going to have to do because I have to have SOMEONE signed in 20 mintues so come on bitch!"

Mandy proceded to record an awful album that hardly anyone bought so she put out another one with the same songs on it. It sold a bit more than the other one.

Mandy is still around. Unfortunatley. Though she did just buy her family a $300 trailor! It even has linoleum in it! Mandy also bought her family a phone line recently. Her mom found no need for phones. But Mandy wanted to earn more money by starting an escort service.

NEWS-Mandy's mother has started a new 1-900 line. Call 1-900-Big-Slut to reach either one of them!

For entertainment only. A parody of Mandy's real bio. Do NOT take it seriously.