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MANDY TURNS INTO A DOG! Police say it happened overnight but when police found Mandy's mom at the local whore house, they questioned her.

Police-"Mrs.Moore, Mandy has turned into a dog. Specifically a poodle. Do you know anything about this?"

Mrs.Moore- "Well I think Mandy has been part dog all along. You know her dad is a Great Dane."

P- " Mrs. Moore....."

M.M- "Just call me MM"

P- "Ok....MM.....why do you think this happened to Mandy?"

MM- "Well Mandy was always nicknamed bitch....hmmm...what a coincidence....anyways she always like to hump peoples legs as a human. Now since she is a dog, she likes it even more!"

P- " you even care if your daughter..."

MM- "Bitch...not my daughter my bitch."

P- "Ok....Do you even care if your 'bitch' is a dog?"

MM- "No not really."

P- "Why is that?"

MM- "Well me and Mandy whore down here at the Grand Motel. But even if Mandy is a dog, men will still fuck her and just pay me. We usually only get senior citizens who are blind and can't see who they are doing and..."

P- "PLEASE...don't go into detail..."

MM- "Um ok....OH GOODY! THERE'S A BLIND MAN! I'll go help him...if you know what I mean....Gotta go..."

P- "Um ok lady..."

MM- (Running back) "Oh yeah...if you wanna get it on with me or Mandy give us a call...1-900-Big-Slut"

P- "Um...ok...bye...(Walking Away)...(mumbles)..dumb bitch"

Top 10 Things Mandy Turns Around To:

10) "Whore"
9) "Skank Ass Bitch"
8) The names Dick and Peter
7) "Mommy!"
6) "Hey girl who likes Carson!"
5) "Hey you on the corner!"
4) "Candy Bitch"
3) "Aids Girl"
2) "Christina"

If you have anymore funny things Mandy turns around to, email me.