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Mandy Whore Online

Here's a chance for you to contribute...

Here are letters I have received from people who emailed me.
These were the ones I selected from my email account. My comments are in parenthesis.


Hey! Umm.. yea not much to say but ur sites pretty cool-I really don't like her either...LOL I'm not like "OMG I HATE HER" I just don't like her...There's a difference isn't there? Er maybe not..well yea I got some pix of Mandy in this Jump mag I got..OMG she's looks like a homo! If u want them i'll scan them sometime n' send them to you just e-mail me back. LOL-Also there's like a convo..and shes acts really retarded like...Here's a quote for ya, " I wasnt to make an album thats going to make people say 'WOW! I thought she was just some stupid little teen pop girl who didn't kow what was going on' I want to prove people wrong" LOL Err ok! LOL okay heres another... "I don't have the self-confidence to walk around in a miniskirt and heels and a tube top. I'm still trying to learn to love and accept my body" LOL!! How about this one? "I'm extremely-extremely sensitive. I can cry at the drop of a hat. I'm such a girl when it comes to that. Anything upsets me. I cry all the time. I cry when im happy too"--Then they ask when was the last time she cried and she says " Yesterday. It was a happy cry,because I missed my boy. yesterday was our six month anniversary and I got a phone call and beautiful flowers. He's so sweet!" Also it says in this thing that she wears glasses...double jointed. Where at? Probably to get her more biz on the Cummin and Seaman Street? She wears a size 10 shoe... Yea well there's some shit for ya! Hehe. Laters girl keep up the dissin!

(I LUV the hater spirit! Thanx for your letter. I put your quotes in the "Quotes" section!)


Hey Emily!
I'm 17-year-old Anna from Jakarta, Indonesia. I think your anti Mandy Moore page is a hoot, it's real great and real funny! (Thanks!) When I first saw 'Candy' I wondered if she really was 15 'cause there in the video she acts shamelessly and childishly flirtatious. (She does.) I mean, she's only 11 months my junior so how could she act that way? And her 'Walk Me Home' video's totally crap too. (Totally agree there!) Even my 10-year-old cousin Marsha hates Mandy but she's a big fan of BS. (See? Everyone hates the bitch!) So Emily, keep up your good work! You rock, Em!

Sincerely Yours,

(Thanks Anna! People...I thought Mandy wouldn't even be known in Indonesia but she is. And they hate her over there too! I hope all Indonesians are as cool as this girl.)


Hey girl, I just saw your site and I loved it.(Thanks!) There aren't very many anti-Mandy sites out there, but I have to say out of all the ones I saw yours is the best.(Thanks!..:P) Mandy is such a whore,(Got that right!) but everyone loves her. (Not everyone) I guess it's because she is a "cute little teeny bopper" 'gag me'(gag me too) but she's really not. She's just a sixteen year old bleach blonded skank like the rest of them. (You tell 'em girl!) Any way, keep up the good work and don't let those little teeny bopper bitches that send you hate mail get you down because your site kicks ass.


(Thanks! People this girl knows what the hell she is talking about. Mandy IS indeed a bleach blond skank! So you tell 'em Lindsay!)


that was so funny. love your site (Thanks!)

i hate mandy sometimes..(I hate her all the time!) especially what she wore to mtv new years. (That was sickening!) i always
thouhght she dress pretty good, (I disagree there!) but she looked like a 30 year old woman. (YUP!) with
her brown hair that .......sorry looked like poo poo (MMMhmm)

not to be mean because sometimes she's cool. and she's a person too, but i wish she stopped doing face expression. just host! you know.
(I totally agree with the facial expressions! Those are SO annoying!)

well enough about what i don't like about mandy...

love your site

(I appreciate your comments a lot! Thanks!)


i dont like your site, u need to change it

(This one is pretty funny. Sounds like something a 9 year old teeny bopper would say. I really don't care if you don't like it. Your opinion is not going to make me change my site. What a dumbass!)


I dont have a problem with hate sites, (Apparently you do or you would not be complaining) I find some of them funny, but your is just sad. (Don't cry over that whore please) If you want to dislike Mandy Moore, thats fine, (Yes it is) but you could at least write down WHY you don't like her, (The list would be too long and it's obvious why I don't like her. The usual, has no singing or dancing talent, bitch, whore, etc) instead of just going into a whole bunch of pathetic plays on the titles of her songs. (If it is so pethetic then why are you here?) I happen to like Mandy a lot.(There is your first problem) I find her to be a sweet singer,(HA!) a beautiful person (MY ASS!) and a genuinely nice girl.(Bitch) But, whether I like her or not is besides the point. (Apparently it is) The point is that your site is etremely pathetic. (Again....then why are you here?) I think the picture gallery is the saddest part. (Pictures of Mandy make me sad too) You have acually drawn on roots to make her look worse. (I actually didn't do that. I found the picture that way. I don't remember where I got it but go to http://www.mandyfanatic.com/new1/ Then go to "Pictures" section. Then to "Pro" Then go to "Photo Shoots 1 & 2" It's actually a fan site with a similar picture. You can see roots. So now what do you have to say?) What a lack of a life you must have, "eminems-chick"! (What a lack of life you must have "joshiesgirl!")


I love your anti mandy moore website. (Thanks!) Dont ever take it down! (Oh I won't.) ITS soo awesome! (Thanks again.) I swear that whore is rumored with all the guys I like, she is the ugliest untalented anorexic skank I have ever seen in the music bussiness ever, her and that ugly asswhore Billie but thats another story for me. (All true!) I just want to say good work and keep it up. And spread the love of hating mandy whore!


(Thanks Dee! Appreciate your comments. You are a genuine anti Mandy kind of person. Keep on rockin'!)


YOUR JUST A STUPID LITTLE BITCH WHO NEEDS TO BE SMACKED ONE GOOD TIME.. (Uh...no. You make no sense) FACE IT HONEY YOUR JEALOUS (All teeny-boppers use that excuse) AND YOU WILL NEVER HAVE ANY THING IN LIFE PUTTING PEOPLE DOWN (I'm getting credit right now you dumbass! While making money!)..SO F**K OFF?????????????

(Ok...I was going to give this guy credit for spelling jealous correctly but he has no sense puntuation wise. "SO F**K OFF??????????????" Is that a question? No thanks. This moron has no sense punctuation wise. You should have put exclamation points instead moron. Just incase you don't know what that is, it looks like this. ! Hold down "Shift" and press the 1 key at the same time.


Your site rox! I totally love the "family life" section! Keep this up. NEVER close it down. I hate when people do that! Mandy is a little dirty ho who has no talent at all! I cannot stand that diva ho wannabe! KEEP IT UP!!!

(Thanks Brianna. I appreciate your comments. Mandy is everything you said. Keep up the Anti Mandy attitude!)