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Mandy Whore Online

Due to a few of the links no longer working, I had to remove them. If you were are the webmaster of any of those links, please fix the broken links or e-mail me your new ones. Thanks.

Here is my list of links. Please visit these other sites. If you would like to see your Anti Mandy or any other Anti site, email me your links! Remember: If you link to me...I'll link to you!


Anti Chrissy Gaguilera


Anti Willa Ford (Can this bitch get any more self-absorbed?)


Join the Yahoo! Club: Anti Mandy

Pseudo Pop (A collection of Anti Pop artists pages)


Boycott Willa Ford


MORE S.L.U.T O'MANIA! (Anti Willa Ford)



Removed Links:

Monkey Moore
Mandy Moo, the anorexic cow
Piss On Mandy

(If you own these sites, please e-mail me with the correct link)