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Mandy Whore Online

August 29th- Hey. Family Life was updated some. I am sorry that I haven't been updating lately. Also, my Anti Christina site is now open. Go to "Links". It is listed in there. And if anyone would like to link to it, email me.

August 4th- Hey everyone. As you can see, new sections! "The Seducing and Innocent Section" decribes the whole section. Just a collection of pictures of Mandy at her worst. Trying to act seducing and innocent. There is also "She says she doesn't..." Just go there!

Picture Gallery IV. Please go there! There is a picture I know you all will love! You'll know it when you see it! The final pictures to "Picture Gallery III" were added. Just check around the whole site for updates. Has everyone seen Pandy's new video? "Crush"? HAHAHAHA! It is so hilarious! She is singing about, "I gotta crush on you! Yeah!" and trying to act like she is a rocker! ROTFLMAO! It is hilarious. She is just so pathetic!

July 29th- *FAMILY LIFE UPDATED!* It's had a lot added to it! Have fun...

July 20th- *NEW PAGE ADDED! CHECK IT OUT! MANDY'S MAKEOVERS!* Believe it or not but I just got back from vacation again. My family goes on vacation like every 3 months. We went to Tennessee. Anyways, I'm trying to add some more pages to my site to make it bigger. Please send your ideas. You'll get the credit for the idea.

ALSO!- Go to www.opendiary.com When you get there look for the, "Jump-to diary" box. Type in MandyMooreDiary. This girl e-mailed me with the link. It's funny!



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